Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NETA Spa Knit and Spin 2010!!!

There were lots and lots of beautiful hand knits at Spa Knit and Spin 2010 in Freeport, Maine last weekend. "Of course!" I hear you say, but I have been to many fiber events over the last three years, and there were more hand knits per capita at NETA Spa than at any other event - including Sock Summit! Or maybe I just couldn't see all the socks. The lovely sweater above is awaiting buttons from my vendor neighbor Glastonbury Glassworks. They make gorgeous glass buttons, glass earrings (see below) and wonderful stitch markers. Also check out their blog Live and Let Learn. It was great fun being next to them.

This is a Kaffe Fassett sweater pattern, which this clever knitter lined!!!
Scott, of Glastonbury Glassworks, spins too! There is nothing nicer than sitting next to a spinner, except perhaps spinning yourself (my husband has almost finished the spinning wheel he is making for me - it has been almost finished for a year).

More beautiful glass beads. Aren't they sweet?
And the earrings!!!
Look at this wonderful wrist warmer!
And this gorgeous shawl.
More glorious hand knit sweaters! The lady on the right works for Classic Elite Yarn. Beautiful hand knits were everywhere, as you can see from the ladies in back.
Astrig, who runs Fiber College in Searsport, Maine always has amazing hand knits. This shawl has a little of everything in it I think. Including felting. Fiber College is in the fall, and is always a great event! Right here in mid-coast Maine.

Above is Jennifer, of WoolworksLTD in a sweater of her own design. Her work has been in Knit 'n Style Magazine.
We were in the same room with Jackie Fee and her daughter!!! Her book, The Sweater Workshop, is a knitting classic.
My dear friend Karen (owner of Village Books) who came to help me at the event, is making the Shetland shawl above. And she found these odd shaped balls of string on the "free" table. We have no idea what they are, any guesses?
This gorgeous stuff is from Starcroft Fiber Mill. Their wool is from Nash Island off the coast of Maine. Island wool!!!
More Scrumptious colors. Naturally I bought some. Can't wait to cast on with it.
Here is owner Jani Estell in a lovely sweater knit with her wool.
And below are lace scarf kits. What could be prettier?
They also had knitting bags!
And now for the cashmere. This is cashmere from Springtide Farm in Bremen, Maine. If you haven't knit with cashmere, you are missing an amazing experience.
More cashmere. Irresistible!
Autumn Hollow Farm has the most beautiful spindles,
crotchet hooks,
and knitting needles. I have given them as presents to fiber friends, who have loved them.
Unique One, in Camden, Maine, had this wonderful felted bag kit.
And this lovely shawl!!!
Here's Karen in the snow. It was a heavy wet snow, and our motel lost electricity. So odd to be in a motel room with no light! Next time I bring a flashlight.

For more photos, and Karen's fun take on the event, check out her blog My Life with Knitters.
We had a great time!


Village Books said...

It was wonderful to get to go along for the ride!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

OMG I'm overwhelmed!!! I have never been to a fiber event and now I'm not sure my heart could take it - LOL

What an amazing group of knitters and yarns ~ lucky duck!

Knitting Out Loud said...

Oh Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog, we must find you a fiber event asap! They're heaven! Any chance you could come to Maine? Maine Fiber Frolic (yes, that's its name) is June 5 & 6.

Anonymous said...

Love your post...I think you absolutely captured the spirit of the weekend...not an easy task given the swirl of endless talent!

Knitting Out Loud said...

I wish I had taken a close-up of your magnificent shawl!

Diana Troldahl said...

Thanks for taking so many photos and taking the time to post. It's like a virtual trip there for me :-}

Knitting Out Loud said...

You are welcome! Hope you can come next year. Maine is lovely, even in the winter.

t does wool said...

wow...what an event~~lots of goodies there!!!

raining sheep said...

That all looks so so great. I wish I could go to something like that. We do not have such events here. I LOVE that Kaffe sweater. What a beautiful piece. I also ready Liivian talossa. She actually just left a comment on one of my photos on flickr - ha, I was pretty flattered because she is an amazing photographer and has such a great blog - even if I don't understand a word of it :)

Knitting Out Loud said...

Raining Sheep, your photographs give me great pleasure. What fun that Liivian talossa left a comment on your photo! The internet is marvelous. I sometimes do google translate on her blog, and I still can't understand it. But the photos are always moving.

So sad you have no fiber festivals in Canada, or the part where you are. It seems almost every state has one here, especially in New England. You could take a fiber road trip!

Karen said...

About those odd shaped yellow balls - that is the shape I get when I handwind yarn onto a nostepinne to get a center pull ball. And what I use for a nostepinne is a Scottish oatmeal stirrer. It works great. I much enjoyed my stroll through the Spa Knit and Spin. We do have such things in my part of Canada on Vancouver Island and yes, they are very special. We didn't have one here in Victoria so seven years ago a knitter said "Let's" and some of her fellow fibre people said "Okay" and we got together and did what needed to be done to have one - whew! - and it has happened every year since.

livnletlrn said...

What a colorful, fabulous post! It sure was a good weekend. Scott/Glastonbury Glassworks and I certainly enjoyed having you, Karen, Jackie and her dau. as vendor-roommates for the weekend. See you 'round!

DJWeiss said...

From Karen's blog, it appears you took the beige, pink, blue and navy vest that I left on the Free Table. I have been looking so long for someone who could wear that so I'm really glad you picked it up.
Debby, Newton, MA (NETA)

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