Monday, October 10, 2011

October Indoor Flowers

Our friend Gregory Dunham (whose gorgeous watercolors of Maine you can see at gave me the orchid pictured above, which is now gloriously in bloom. Thank you, Gregory!
This blue streptocarpus was given to my by my cousin Sue, who grew it from seed. Thank you Sue!
The geraniums I bought as porch plants for the summer. But geraniums will often bloom all winter long too.
A little fuzzy, but you can see the lavender, rosemary and woodpile quite clearly.
The phalaenopsis above was a present from my wonderful mother. I just moved it to the bathroom, where it is enjoying the mist from showers. Thank you, Mom!
Here's the Gregory Dunham orchid again. Not sure what kind it is.

Knitting Out Loud will be at RHINEBECK this coming weekend!!! Come see us (me and the delightful and always amusing Karen Jelenfy) at booth #26-9.

Happy fall!