Monday, June 21, 2010

Notes from New York: Plushtashes!

From Katherine Jane:

A couple weeks ago I went to the MoCCA festival--a yearly event hosted by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. While wandering around the tables my eye was caught by this lovely lady and her adorable crocheted mustaches, or "plushstaches:"

The artist's name is Shannon Gerard, and she also crochets small anatomically-correct hearts. We chatted for a while about the differences between knitting and crochet, and how it's rare to find someone who doesn't heavily prefer one to the other (she falls in the crochet camp, I fall in the knitting camp, though we both wish we were more ambidextrous). Ms. Gerard also noted that she sees a strong tendency for her knitting friends to be good bakers. I've never noticed that correlation before, but I guess it makes sense--knitters tend to be good at following patterns precisely, so maybe they're also good at following recipes.

My friend Evan bought one of those plushstaches and we found it a thoroughly entertaining item to have around:

friend Jesse gives it a spin

Evan is just covered in mustaches these days


Katherine Jane Arathoon lives in New York City and occasionally guest blogs for Knitting Out Loud. She also blogs at Between Ewe And Me.

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