Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My husband, Scott Moore, is a landscape painter. The above painting is "June Evening Sears Island". We have been taking walks on this island for twenty years.

Today we went to Bar Harbor for a small exhibit of paintings from Argosy Gallery. We arrived early and took a walk around town. There is my husband with my daughter and her boyfriend waking towards the water.

We took the cliff path, along the ocean. There are mansions and inns along the path.
And some lovely gardens.

There is something wrong with my camera and it won't adjust for sun. Scott kept asking me, "Do you have the manual?" Of course I have the manual, somewhere.

I love the precision and symmetry of this house.
And the asymmetry and cottage-y feeling of this one.
This faux Tudor house has been converted into a restaurant.
A garden shop.
Outdoor restaurant.
It was a lovely day. Bar Harbor is a tourist destination, but also a charming town, and it was full of visitors. You can tell they are father and daughter even from the back.

The exhibit was hosted by Galyn's Restaurant, who catered delicious food, very artistically displayed. My daughter pointed out the mice radishes.

Scott had two night paintings on display.

And a blueberry barren.

We came home, Scott made pasta allacarbonara, and we watched Kenneth Branagh's movie "Love's Labour's Lost".

Yesterday, to celebrate Knit in Public Day, I knit with some lovely ladies and gave my Stories of Knitting talk at the Milford, Connecticut public library. It was a six hour drive, and we spent the night in a beautiful condo overlooking Long Island Sound. On the way down and back we listened to the audiobook "The Shadow of the Wind" which takes place in Barcelona and I knit a blanket for my daughter who graduated from high school this month.

Happy Father's Day!


knithound brooklyn said...

Looks like you've been really busy and having fun, too! Your husband's paintings are quite lovely. I love Bar Harbor - there's an Ice Cream place there that has lots of flavors - it's touristy and crowded, but it's gooooood!

Tracy said...

What a grand day! Your husband's paintings are beautiful! Knit in Public Day--what a great idea! :o)

Knitting Out Loud said...

Thank you both!

That ice cream shop in Bar Harbor is amazing.

We drive to Bar Harbor often over the course of the summer to deliver paintings to Scott's gallery. Even when it is very crowded in August, the charm of the town and its dramatic setting in Frenchman's Bay, with the Porcupine Islands scattered offshore and Cadillac Mountain rising up behind, keep it a favorite destination.

Village Books said...

Love the blueberry barrens painting! Looks like a lovely trip. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Amazing paintings - I'd like to see more some day Also Thanks for the "tour" of that beautiful quaint town

Hollie said...

what amazing paintings! That first house, the Tudor style, is to die for.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Thank you all for your compliments on Scott's paintings.

The Tudor house is a B & B, you can stay in it! It's wonderful that these mansions can be preserved as accommodations. There is also a grand hotel, the Bar Harbor Inn, right on the water. The whole town has an old-fashioned feel.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love your husband's paintings! How incredible to have wonderful paintings of places you have enjoyed over the years.

Speaking of enjoying places, we spent a week in Bar Harbor in the early 1990s. We stayed in one of the Inns along the water right close to town. I bought Lopi yarn and learned to knit in the round from the LYS. I also discovered raspberry iced tea! Oh, yes, ate blueberry pancakes and drank blueberry beer while visiting (along with lots of lobsters)!!!

Knitting Out Loud said...

Sounds like you had a great trip to Maine, Mr Puffy KB! I've never had blueberry beer.

raining sheep said...

Your husband is incredibly talented. My greatest wish in life is that I could draw or paint, however, I have no such talent. I love the images of the beautiful homes and my favorite is the "symmetry" house.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Well the photographs on your blog are stunning, raining sheep, and that is quite an art!