Tuesday, November 24, 2009


a perfect autumn day

It's the time of year when we in the US reflect on things that we are grateful for. Obviously all of us here at KOL are grateful for our wonderful authors and the stories they tell, but we thought we should list a few more personal things as well:

Katherine Jane:
1. My family: I'm grateful that they're all healthy and doing well at the moment. In particular, my two sisters this year hit real milestones, turning 13 and 21 respectively. It's wonderful seeing them grow into such beautiful young women.
2. America: I got my US citizenship in September after living here for 26 years, and it feels wonderful to officially be an American at last. I feel proud that I now get to identify with the parts of this country that I treasure, and honored that I can now have an influence on the things that I would like to see change.
3. The Internet: that sounds silly after two such meaningful things, but I am truly grateful to be living in this time period where we have such a useful tool at our disposal. Whether it's allowing us to instantaneously look up the name of some obscure actor to settle a bet, or keeping me and my best friend connected while she's living in a small town in Mexico, or allowing me to work for KOL even though I live nearly 600 miles away from our home base--the Internet has impacted and changed our world, and I am grateful to be here to witness its development.

This is a difficult year for people because of the recession. But many of us are also coping with health problems, child worries, actual or potential job loss, and much more. I am deeply grateful for the ability we all have to persevere, for the family and friends who help us, and for the joy and humor and love without which none of us could exist.

We wish all of you, dear readers, the best of Thanksgivings!


Katherine Jane Arathoon lives in New York City and occasionally guest blogs for Knitting Out Loud. She also blogs at Between Ewe And Me.

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Village Books said...

I ech Kathy's sentiments! And I'm especially thankful for good friends!