Sunday, November 15, 2009

Living in Maine

This is my daughter who is applying to art colleges for next year. We drove to Boston on Friday for a tour of Massachusetts College of Art, and yesterday we went to the Boston International Fine Art Show, in which my husband, a painter, has some paintings.
It was pouring rain, and I know the photo above is overexposed, but I was wearing those boots, and those jeans, and a Norwegian patterned sweater. Now, I lived in Boston for many years before moving to Maine, and when I moved my wardrobe contained things like high heeled shoes and silk suits. But high heels are not practical where I live in Maine (especially during mud season) and I have gradually slipped into wearing jeans pretty much all the time. So I stood out at this art show, and several people actually commented on my sweater and boots. Was it LL Bean? No, it was Eddie Bauer. And: nice boots! I'm from Maine, I responded. It reminded me of being at Boston's Logan airport a few years ago. My husband and I were coming home from a trip to Oregon, and racing to catch our flight to Bangor. Suddenly I saw a small group of people wearing flannel shirts and down parkas. "There's the gate," I said, and we rushed over.
And this photo has nothing to do with the above story, but I thought it went nicely with the photo of my daughter. These are figs which a friend brought me some time ago. They were stunningly beautiful and I love figs. I grew up in California eating fresh figs, apricots, artichokes and almonds (my grandmother had an apricot and an almond tree in her front yard). I don't think you can buy an apricot worth eating outside of California. Last year my husband bought me a small fig tree. I am hoping it will bear fruit.

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Village Books said...

The daughter is so cute! And yes, clothing DOES make it easier to find the Maine gate in airports. Love the boots.