Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heaven: the Newport Spin-In, 2011

There might not be anything more satisfying than being in a room full of spinners.
Yesterday the Ewe Spinners hosted a day of spinning in Newport, Maine. I went as a vendor, but brought my new spinning wheel, the one my husband just made for me (see previous post). And I learned to spin. Yes, the miracle happened. Amazing. I am now a spinner. Not a good spinner, but a spinner nonetheless.
There was (and often is at fiber events) a used equipment sale table.
And the charming vendor next to me had gorgeous fleece from her Shetland sheep and these cards for sale. They were her drawings of Maine barns. But I didn't get her name (help me here Karen, Toni and Cindy - didn't you guys by fleece from her?).
This sweater is knit from hand-spun yarn which is 15% angora.

There were several men spinning.
Gorgeous hand-spun (from Maine sheep) and hand-dyed yarn from Random Roving, available from Village Books.

Luscious hand-dyed roving from Purple Fleece.

Christine Macchi of the non-profit fiber advocacy group Maine Fiberarts was there. Maine Fiberarts has a beautiful visitors center in Topsham, Maine which includes a gallery, reference library and fiber arts slide collection. They also have a great email newsletter of state wide fiber events.

Karen Jelenfy of Village Books wore her "believe in fiction" tee shirt.
Another gorgeous hand-knit!

More wheels.

Astrig Tanguay of Searport's Fiber College had amazing hand-knit socks on. Fiber College (Sept. 8-11, 2011) will have Beth Brown-Reinsel as one of their many wonderful teachers this year.

Lovely cuffs!
More wheels...

Here's Debbie Bergman, of Purple Fleece, with her drop spindle. Debbie stood by me and my spinning wheel, gently instructing me, as I awkwardly started again and again, until I finally did it. Became a spinner. Karen Jelenfy, my spinning buddy, cheered me on. I couldn't have done it without either of you. Thank you!

Astrig's Rose spinning wheel. In memory of her mother, Rose. What could be a nicer.

Then finally we had to pack up to leave.
Some of us (not I) had amazing carrying cases for their wheels.

What a day! Happy spinning, everyone!


Purple Fleece said...

Glad I could be of some help...

Knitting Out Loud said...

Scott and I have been discussing the next spinning wheel he's building for me. Thanks again!

clairz said...

This is so inspirational. Perhaps it's time to put down the knitting needles for a bit and work on the fleece stash!

Thank you for this wonderful series of photos!

Karen said...

The Spin-In was so great! Can't wait to do another one! The vendors name was Bea, I think, but it definitely was Icelandic roving. She should reappear at Fiber Frolic!

Catherine said...

That sounds like such a wonderfulinspiring event. My mother who died last year age 91 was an enthusiastic spinner. She would have loved the way the craft has grown and the way bloggers have spread the word. She had her guild and a monthly magasine that came from teh US and that was all. I don't have her spinning wheels, my sister-in-law does but I might borrow one back one day!

Diana Troldahl said...

I have never spun on a wheel, but have always wanted to. Your adventure is encouraging me :-}

knittingoutloud said...

Clairz, glad you liked the photos! Let us know what you spin up.

Thank you, Karen!

Catherine, I do hope you can borrow your mother's spinning wheel and give it a try someday. Can't imagine anything nicer.

Diana, try it, you'll like it!