Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! (and playing with reversible cables)

We have two of these wonderful Mexican boxes. Have no idea what their purpose is. We found the one below in a craft shop on Deer Isle, Maine and the one above at a Goodwill store. The people are playing musical instruments and everyone is having a good time. Seems appropriate for New Year's Eve.
I love reversible cables! They are perfect for scarves. The swatches below are all based on k2p2 ribbing. The pattern below is (k2p2 2x, k1p1) 3x, k2p2 2x. The idea is that the cable itself is k2p2 2x, so you can play with it however you like. I made two scarves for friends using a k2p2 rib as an edging and also in between the cables (instead of no edging and a k1p1 between the cables as it is below).
Below is a swatch with 4 k2p2 2x cables with nothing in between them.
I liked the "nothing in between", and the scarf below is five cables with no ribbing in between.
This sideways photo shows the squishiness, or thickness, of this pattern.
Best wishes for the New Year!


Village Books said...

This is very pretty! You can teach me tomorrow, right?

Knitting Out Loud said...

And very easy to do!