Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review: Knitting Lessons

Jennifer Bogart has written a great review of Lela Nargi's Knitting Lessons: Tales From The Knitting Path over at Blogcritics.org. Check it out here:

Bogart focuses on the book's subject matter, noting that "Some of the interviews that struck me as the most moving were those of everyday knitters, such as the Brownstein family, three generations of Jewish women with a history of knitting passed down by grandmothers to granddaughters stretching back into antiquity." However, she also addresses the audio aspects specifically, and praises the reading, saying, "Read by actress Julia Olson, her crisp clear voice shifts in cadence, accent, and inflection as she creates unique vocal portraits of many of the interviewees."

To hear a sample clip from Knitting Lessons on our website, please visit: http://www.knittingoutloud.com/big_knitLssn.html

-Katherine Jane

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