Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival 2011

Spinning from the rabbit! See the live rabbit on the spinners lap?
Gorgeous live bunnies above, lovely knitted bunnies (knitted with bunny yarn) below.
And hats knitted with rabbit yarn.
The booth across from me was the New England Border Collie Rescue.
You can find alpacas, alpaca yarn and maple sugar at Sweet Maple Alpacas.

Grace and Miss Mouse Soaps, above and below. Very sweet display.

There were a group of farms and small yarn producers who had several booths together.
They had beautiful hats for sale.
Lovely inlaid wooden boxes and nice yarn.
These gorgeous quilts were part of their display.

Here's more of their yarn.
A hand-knit sweater for sale. Wonderful colors!
More yarn in lovely rustic colors.

The charming guy below was in our barn.
Along with rug hooking and spinning
Wooly Beers yarns and Knits of Durham, NH.

Another cutie!
Wonderful felted animals.

Spinners' Warren of Acton, Maine was our neighbor again.
Sheep dog puppy!
Shorn sheep.
Have you heard of fainting goats? The Wonder Fall Farm has them. Check out the video here:
More sheep, I love the sheep!

Alpacas. We heard them hum. Quite the noise.

Adorable goats.

Here are the youth sheep events. It's wonderful to see young people with their animals.

My husband took this lace photo.
And this baby.

My husband came with me on this trip and we stayed with our friends in Derry, Stape (painting buddy of Scott's) and Kathleen Kearns (Kathleen is my web designer). You can see that the yarn bomb which Karen Jelenfy put on their lampost a year ago is still there.
Happy spring!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

WOWOWOW! This looks like it was fantastic. Oh those felted and knitted animals, oh those live animals, that sheep dog puppy, so many colors, ideas, and so much energy. Wish I had been there.

Hope you are doing well.

All joys,


Knitting Out Loud said...

Thanks, Sharon! It was a great festival.