Friday, October 16, 2009

Missed Connections: Celebrity Edition

From Katherine Jane:

Since moving to New York, I have become notorious in my friend circle for my complete obliviousness to the celebrities that wander around in our midst. Walking through the Upper West Side on a warm summer evening, for example, I can't figure out why my friends are all suddenly suspiciously silent and wide-eyed as we move to one side of the sidewalk to let a hand-holding couple pass by; only after we're a block and a half away does someone explain, "That was Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore!" Or, walking back to work from lunch, at least twice now my co-worker Sarah and I have had the following conversation: "That was Chris Noth!" "Oh. Wait, who?" "Mr. Big from Sex And The City." "Oh. Where?" "Well, he's gone now."

But today, walking back from work Sarah grabbed my arm and said "That was Mary-Louise Parker--and she was talking about yarn!"

Setting aside the "Who?" question (I can Google it later), I skip ahead to the far more important concern: "What was she saying about yarn?"

"I don't know," says Sarah, "Something about how she knew this amazing place to buy yarn. I'm surprised you didn't notice!" She wasn't the slightest bit surprised I didn't notice the celebrity, of course; but she and I were both surprised my ears didn't perk up at the mention of the word yarn nearby.

So anyway, Mary-Louise Parker, if you're out there reading this--won't you share your tips on where in the city to buy amazing yarn?

Maybe we could get together for a stitch-and-bitch some time?

-Katherine Jane


Katherine Jane Arathoon lives in New York City and occasionally guest blogs for Knitting Out Loud. She also blogs at Between Ewe And Me.

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Knitting Out Loud said...

Great post, Katherine! I stepped on Tony Randall's toes at the Museum of Modern Art many years ago, but no yarn was involved.