Friday, July 3, 2009

Cutest mittens in the world, Merrimack Valley Fiber Arts, and more

These mittens win the Knitting Out Loud "Cutest Mittens in the World" award. They were knitted for the lady pictured below, by her mother. They are puppets, as you can see below. I have never seen anything like this before. Have any of you? She brought them to a Stories of Knitting talk I gave at the Bedford Public Library in New Hampshire. I had met librarian Emily Weiss at the Book Expo in NYC two years ago when we were just starting the company, so it was a special pleasure to give this talk two years, and eight audiobooks, later.

We were at the Merrimack Valley Fiber Arts Celebration in Massachusetts this spring. We learned about "The World's Longest Scarf" project through Keep the Fleece. Their goal is to "fight poverty around the world in this, the International Year of Natural Fibers".
And who could resist these sheep?
Here is The Merrimac Valley Spinners Guild contribution to the World's Longest Scarf.

This is the booth of the NOBO Weaving Guild, Newburyport, MA. Their hand weavings were gorgeous.
They had this wonderful miniature loom. It is a National Recovery Act working model from the 1930's.
My first hats, for: my daughter, myself, my mother. The pattern is from the book Shear Spirit. The white yarn is from Prince Edwards Island, the grey yarn is from Vinalhaven Island.
This is a shawl I finally finished for my mother.

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